Frequently Asked Questions about MusicGlove Therapy

Frequently asked questions about musicglove therapy

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Who is the MusicGlove for?MusicGlove is intended for use by individuals with mild to moderate hand impairment after stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or other neurologic injury to improve hand dexterity and strength. A qualified user should be able to touch their thumb to...

Preventing Falls and Fractures in Elderly

Preventing falls and fractures in elderly

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17% of our elderly population are prone to falls leading to fractures. There are manyfactors that increases the risk of falling and osteoporosis is one of those high on the list, together with weak muscles and poor balance. Once an elderly fall and sustains a fracture, recovery is not as simple...

Monofilament Test for Diabetic Foot Screening

Monofilament test for diabetic foot screening

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Healthcare professionals use monofilaments to measure and identify any early loss of protective sensation on skin surface. Monofilament tests are essential in reducing diabetic foot ulceration and subsequent limb amputation. To test for foot sensation loss, measurements are taken at the bottom of a ...

扳机指: 原因、治疗及如何改善

扳机指: 原因、治疗及如何改善

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手指关节弯曲,变形,疼痛,僵硬且有卡住感?你有可能得了手指屈肌腱鞘炎,又叫扳机指或者弹响指。无名指和拇指是最容易发病的手指,有时其他手指也无法幸免。在严重的情况下,你的手指会变形或完全无法伸直,甚至在弯曲手指时,感觉到声响。症状的初期可以尝试非手术的治疗方法:- 注射类固醇类- 采用非类固醇消炎药物(Topricin Pain Relief Cream)- 佩戴支具佩戴支具可以让你的手指得到休息,以免过度运动而使情况变得更糟。佩戴的支具可以选择专业人士为你定制或者购买市场上已有的较成熟的品牌,它们往往有多种尺码可以选择,例如Oval-8 Trigger Finger Splint。睡觉时虽然手...

How To Use CanDo® Incline Board

How to use cando® incline board

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The CanDo® incline board is ready to use. Simply lift up the stepping surface and place molded handle into the desired opening on the ladder (marked with the incline angles). Choose from 5 different incline angels: 0° (flat), 5° (4″), 15° (6″), 25° (8″) and 35° (10″).Start your warm-up and stretchin...

Exercise and Knee Pain

Exercise and knee pain

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These are kinds of recliner sofa chair that can assist elderly from sittting to standing. Some ideas on insole with good arch support...

Language Milestone Chart (8/8) - Between Six and Seven

Language milestone chart (8/8) - between six and seven

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Milestones* identifies most sounds phonetically* forms most sound-letter associations* segments sounds into smallest grammatical units* begins to use semantic and syntactic cues in writing and reading* begins to write simple sentences with vocabulary and spelling appropriate for age* uses sentences ...

Language Milestone Chart (7/8) - Between Five and Six

Language milestone chart (7/8) - between five and six

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Milestones* Understands ‘left’ and ‘right’* Understands most concepts of time* Uses more complex descriptions* Understands spatial relations like ‘on top’, ‘behind’, ‘far’ and ‘near’* Knows his address* Knows common opposites like ‘big/small’* Understands ‘same’ and ‘different’* Has a sentence lengt...

Language Milestone Chart (6/8) - Between Four and Five

Language milestone chart (6/8) - between four and five

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Milestones* Can point to and identify colours: red, blue, yellow, green* Listens to short, simple stories* Pays attention to a story and answers simple questions about it* Identifies triangles, circles and squares* Identifies objects by their function “Which one is used to tell the time?”* Identifie...

Language Milestone Chart (5/8) - Between Three and Four

Language milestone chart (5/8) - between three and four

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Milestones* Understands “yesterday”, “dinnertime”, “tonight”, “big-small”* Understands fast and slow* Understands object functions* Understands differences in meanings (stop-go, in-on, big-little)* Knows his address and some children’s songs e.g. “Twinkle, twinkle little star”* Follows 2- and 3- par...