Key Features Of The Pulman Comfort Shoes

Key features of the pulman comfort shoes

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KEY FEATURES OF THE PULMAN COMFORT SHOES-Extra depth and extra widht to fit themajority of foot sizes.-Wide front and rear opening in order to accommodate most foot shapes and to ensure correct emplacement of the foot.-Lightweight and flexible with slip-resistant soles for sure-footed movement.-Mach...

How to apply Dynamic Tape

How to apply dynamic tape

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This product requires careful and skilful application.Failure to follow the Directions for Use available on theproduct packaging can result in skin irritation, blisters and poor adhesion.1 - Remover hair2 - Clean & Dry (e.g. alcowipe)3 - Rub to heat skin4 - Apply Adhesive Spray**Very good result...

Why Understanding Your Center of Gravity is Key to Fall Prevention

Why understanding your center of gravity is key to fall prevention

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Did you know that falling is something that’s not supposed to happen? Falling due to imbalance may be a common occurrence for adults, but what’s natural is to be balanced at what is called our center of gravity. Understanding this concept is the key to falls prevention....

How to Use and Take Care of Your Aspen Vista® Collar

How to use and take care of your aspen vista® collar

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The Aspen Vista cervical collar Your Aspen Vista cervical collar will help your neck to heal by supporting the bones in your neck. It also supports your chin, jawline, and the back of your head to keep you from moving your neck up and down. Do not touch the height adjustment dial. The corr...

Trigger finger: Causes, treatment, and remedies

Trigger finger: causes, treatment, and remedies

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Trigger finger is a condition that causes pain, stiffness, and a sensation of locking or catching when you bend and straighten your finger. The ring finger and thumb are most often affected by trigger finger, but it can occur in the other fingers, as well. Usually you will feel by yourself a bump or...

Best Exercises to Avoid Knee Pain

Best exercises to avoid knee pain

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Best Exercises to Avoid Knee PainConventionally, treatment for knee pain has been focused around the knee itself. But, in fact, most knee problems are not standalone conditions. In this article, our physiotherapists in Singapore will share with you how we can help your knee pain by addressing the ro...

Preventing Falls and Fractures in Elderly

Preventing falls and fractures in elderly

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17% of our elderly population are prone to falls leading to fractures. There are many factors that increases the risk of falling and osteoporosis is one of those high on the list, together with weak muscles and poor balance. Once an elderly fall and sustains a fracture, recovery is not as simpl...

A Guide For The Able Assist User Transfer Aid Part2

A guide for the able assist user transfer aid part2

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Sling AttachmentSling and transfer belt attachments are provided for Users who require extra support. Such compatible accessories can be attached by using the slotted bracket on the accessory as shown below:  Note: Not all accessories are suitable for the Able Assist and/or the user. A ris...

A Guide For The Able Assist User Transfer Aid

A guide for the able assist user transfer aid

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The Team at Drive Medical develops its products to give our customers the freedom to live independently.This encompasses their daily home life and provides them with the opportunity to enjoy an outing with family and friends.Our goal is to develop a range that will provide individuals with a chance ...

What are Silversocks?

What are silversocks?

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What are Silversocks?Carnation Silversocks contain pure silver, a naturally occurring element. The textile fibres icorporated in the sock have been completely and universally coated with pure silver.This construction meansthe silver is on the outside of the fibre allowing its many nat...