Language Milestone Chart (6/8) - Between Four and Five

Language milestone chart (6/8) - between four and five

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Milestones* Can point to and identify colours: red, blue, yellow, green* Listens to short, simple stories* Pays attention to a story and answers simple questions about it* Identifies triangles, circles and squares* Identifies objects by their function “Which one is used to tell the time?”* Identifie...

Language Milestone Chart (5/8) - Between Three and Four

Language milestone chart (5/8) - between three and four

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Milestones* Understands “yesterday”, “dinnertime”, “tonight”, “big-small”* Understands fast and slow* Understands object functions* Understands differences in meanings (stop-go, in-on, big-little)* Knows his address and some children’s songs e.g. “Twinkle, twinkle little star”* Follows 2- and 3- par...

Language Milestone Chart (4/8) - Activities to Encourage At Age 2-3 Years

Language milestone chart (4/8) - activities to encourage at age 2-3 years

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Activities to Encourage your Child’s Speech and Language at age 2-3 years* Repeat new words over and over* Help your child listen and follow instructions by playing games “pick up the ball”, “touch Daddy’s nose”* Take your child on trips and talk about what you see before, during and after the trip*...

Language Milestone Chart (3/8) - Between Two and Three

Language milestone chart (3/8) - between two and three

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Milestones * Identifies several body parts* Matches 4 to 5 colours* Understands most things said to him or her* Knows “big” and “small”* Can concentrate on an activity for 6 – 7 minutes* Understands the concept of ‘one’ and ‘all’* Understands the concept of “one”. If he is playing with 6 blocks...

Language Milestone Chart (2/8) - Between One and Two

Language milestone chart (2/8) - between one and two

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Milestones* Looks attentively     * Gives a toy when asked* Understands “no”    * Identifies up to 5 body parts* Waves goodbye       * Brings objects from another room when asked* Nods “yes” and shakes head for “no”* Understands more words than ...

Language Milestone Chart (1/8) - By Age One

Language milestone chart (1/8) - by age one

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Milestones* Recognizes own name* Listens when spoken to* Understands simple instructions e.g. “put on your shoes”* Responds to simple requests e.g. “give this to mummy”* Understands common words when used with gestures e.g. “bye-bye”* Recognizes words as symbols for objects e.g. cat – meows* Laughs ...