Fall Prevention

We provide resource and equipment to prevent falls and keep the elderly safe from injuries at home and outside of home.

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Norco Leg Lifter


Norco™ Leg LifterAssists those who have had total hip replacement surgery or those with limited mobility raise or lower their legs. The Norco™ Leg Lifter is helpful for hip arthritis or hip replacement patients who have weak hip flexors.  An steel rod retains its shape while lifting heavy legs or casts.  The Leg Lifter is covered wit..


Solo Call Bed Sensor Alarm Kit for Fall Prevention - Complete Set With Mat


This bed exit sensor alarm upplied in a kit, as a complete set with a bed mat for fall preventionPager alarm volume is 85dBIndicator light flashes on the pager when transmitter is out of range or loses connectionTransmitter can be set to alert instantly, or with a 2 second delay to help avoid false alarmsDescription- The Solo Call Pager, Transmi..


Non-Slip Treatment Lotion 500ml, Anti-Slip Floor Treatment


Non-slip floor treatment, prevent accidents due to slippery floors.It is a clear chemical treatment process that permanently restructures the molecular surface of tiles to create millions of microscopic suction cups, which prevents the floor for becoming slippery when wet.Quick and easy application.Clear odourless liquid.HSA approved.Product of Sin..


FeatherLite II Long Handled Reachers


FeatherLite II Reachers  Reachers combines an easy-to-squeeze grip and a large, rubber-lined jaw to hold items securely.These sturdy reachers have an efficient trigger action that makes it easy to grip items. Only 8 oz. (227g) of pressure is required to close jaws. The trigger is curved and can be used as a hook to hang the reachers from ..

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