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Aspen® Pediatric Collars

Children need medical products designed specifically for them. Aspen® understands this and offers five sizes of pediatric cervical collars, allowing you to provide the highest level of patient care.

1. Features

- Five Sizes

The five Aspen® Pediatric Collars automatically conforms to provide a custom fit for all children. Collars are also available with a set of replacement pads.

*The Vista® Collar could be used for larger sizes.

- Motion Restriction

The Aspen® Pediatric line is proud to offer three pediatric sizes and two infant sizes, as only a properly fit collar can provide effective motion restriction.

- Safe for Delicate Skin

Aspen® Pediatric Collars minimize the potential for skin breakdown, while maintaining superior motion restriction. The FlexTabs™ have been designed to spread support across the contact surfaces, eliminating “hot spots” that can lead to skin breakdown.

- Custom Fit

The PD4 and PD5 have an occipital support strap on the back panel that when adjusted provides a custom cradle for the back of the head.

- Gently by Design

The pads are made of breathable, open cell foam with a soft, hypoallergenic cotton lining which keeps the skin clean, cool and comfortable.

2. Confirm a Proper Fit

3. How do I select the correct size?

See the sizing guide for instructions. To ensure a good fit, the chin piece should be flush with the chin. Flex tabs can be cut away to obtain a more customized fit.




PD1 Aspen Pediatric Collar



PD2 Aspen Pediatric Collar



PD3 Aspen Pediatric Collar



PD4 Aspen Pediatric Collar



PD5 Aspen Pediatric Collar


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Aspen Pediatric Collars

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