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Our wide range of supports and braces provide compression, stabilize and support joints while allowing the patient to maintain daily activities and ease pain.

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Oval-8 Trigger Finger Splint


Oval-8® Finger SplintOval-8 Finger Splints help heal injuries and correct problems caused by arthritis, mallet finger, swan neck, boutonniere deformity and hypermobility. It can also be used a conservative management for trigger finger (locking finger)Made of 1/16" (16mm), high-temperature polypropylene. Oval-8® splints can be adjusted with a ..


WristWidget Wrist Splint for Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain TFCC Injury


WristWidget®The WristWidget™ was designed by a Certified Hand Therapist to reduce wrist pain associated with grip, wrist rotation, and weight bearing. US and International Patent 11,857,434The WristWidget is a type of wrist brace that provides immobilization for weak or injured wrists with an anatomically-contoured design for comfort..


The Original McKenzie SlimLine Lumbar Back Support


A slimmer back cushion option.  -The SlimLine™ is ideal for elderly or petite people and those who cannot tolerate larger, more intrusive supports.  -Featuring a non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, 100% polyester removable cover.  -Measures approximately 13½" L x 2½" D x 8" H.  -Features a built-in adjustable latex strap.  -Made..


Aspen Vista CTO4, Four Post


Aspen Vista CTO4, Four PostDesigned to provide motion restriction throughout the cervico-thoracic spine, the Vista CTO and Vista CTO4 provide significant motion control in all three planes of motion—flexion/extension, lateral bending and axialrotation. These one size adjustable braces feature multiple adjustment points to h..


DeRoyal D-Ring Wrist Splint (Black), Wrist Brace


DeRoyal D-Ring Wrist Splint (Black), Wrist BraceThe DeRoyal™ Black Wrist splint is constructed of comfortable black foam material.  Features:Malleable palmar stay provides anatomical fit and rigid support Low profile and lightweight design D-ring closures for easy application and removal Does not extend past distal palmar crease allowing full ..


Aspen Vista Multipost Cervical Therapy Collar


The Vista® MultiPost Therapy Collar is an active therapy device designed to reduce the symptoms of Forward Head Carriage. This unnatural head position can shift the cervical spine out of alignment, leading to radiculopathy, neuropathy and cervicogenic pain. The Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar promotes improved posture and a more natural alignme..


Bauerfeind Genutrain P3 Knee Support


Bauerfeind® Genutrain® P3 Knee Support Ideal for rehabilitation therapy and post-operative care.Indicated for patellar lateralization/tendency to luxation, femoraopatellar pain syndrome, chondropathy, chondromalacia, post lateral-release surgery, patellar tendinitis and anterior knee pain. Active knee support provides improved patella control. The ..


Preformed Resting Pan Mitt Hand Splint


Preformed Resting Pan Mitt SplintPreformed orthosis positions the spastic and arthritic hand comfortably. Preformed Neutral Position Hand Orthosis ismade of 1/8" or 3/32" (3.2 or 2.4mm) splinting material. Places the thumb in a 45° extension between palmar and radial abduction and MPs at 70° to 90° of flexion while keeping the wrist neutral. A..


NeoMed Posture Corrector Back Support Brace


Lightweight and discreet, the revolutionary Beautiful Posture shoulder brace pulls the shoulders back and straightens the spine to instantly improve your posture. It is easy to adjust for a perfect custom fit and its cushioned 'soft-feel' spine makes it comfortable for everyday use.Unlike those existing shoulder braces in the market, JC-7030 can be..


Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support for Pain Relief


Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support  Ideal for rehabilitation therapy and post-operative care.  -The Bauerfeind® Genutrain® Active Knee Support is comfortable, lightweight supports that relieves knee pain and swelling during sports or daily activities.  -Indicated for sprains,strains,  ecurrent pain, pre or post-operative inf..


Aspen Lumbar Pain Relief Back Support


Aspen Lumbar SupportThe Aspen Lumbar Support features a simple, elegant design with the essential elements required in a spinal brace to effectively relieve pain. Utilizing Aspen’s foundational inelastic design, elastic qualities have been incorporated for a tailored and comfortable fit. This innovative combination, coupled with Aspe..


Procare Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer


High quality, durable poly cotton sling with contact closure adjustment on shoulder and body straps. Fits right or left arm and helps prevent shoulder rotation. Shoulder pad provides additional comfort. Ideal for immobilization and support of the shoulder and elbow joints.Part NumberEnvelope Size Depth X LengthSize79-840137" x 13"Small79-840158" x ..


Aspen Vista Cervical Collar, Height Adjustable Neck Brace


One Size AdjustablePatented sizing system offers six height adjustment settings to easily accommodate a wide range of anatomies and allows easy adjustments on the patient.Inventory ManagementBy incorporating six sizes in one collar, the Vista Collar eliminates the cost of storing multiple sizes, frees up valuable inventory space, and eliminates SKU..


Saunders Serola Sacroiliac Back Support SI Belt


Serola Sacroiliac Belt (SI Belt)Extra-strong belt stabilizes the base of the spine to help increase back, hip and leg strength.The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints, thereby relieving stress and instability at these weight-bearing structures.Made of an open cell urethane with nonslip mesh and outer dou..


Dale Abdominal Binder With EasyGrip Strip (3 Panel)


Dale Abdominal Binder (3 Panel)Designed with multiple panel elastic support and flannel lining, which helps prevent rollingThe contact closure allows for easy adjustment, and ensures a proper fitIdeal for providing compression and support for post-natal or post-abdominal surgery, abdominal strains and weaknessMachine washablelatex-free Sizing ..

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