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T.O.T.™ Collar

The Tubular Orthosis for Torticollis, or (T.O.T.™). Collar, is an effective support for congenital muscular torticollis. Used in conjunction with stretching exercises, the T.O.T.™ Collar helps reduce neck contractures and restore proper head posture.
Made of a clear, tubular design that is unobtrusive and readily accepted by children ages 4 months to 10 years.
Lightweight PVC tubing can be cut easily with scissors for a custom fit. Firm vertical supports are supplied in a variety of sizes and can be trimmed to the desired height. Collar tube measures 16" (41cm) and can be cut down to 6" (15cm).


T.O.T. Collar Child (ages 4 months to 10 yrs.)



T.O.T. Collar Child/Adult (average 10 yr. old to adult)


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T.O.T.™ Collar - Torticollis Treatment

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