Physical Modalities

Different modalities can have a significant effect on a patient’s recovery. From hot or cold therapy to electrotherapy, we have a unique selection of modalities for every need. Whether in the clinic or at home, our products offer superior performance and durability. Find the most appropriate traction devices, electrotherapy accessories and more.

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Disk Dr. WG50 G2 Disc Waist Protector Medical Retractor Spine Support


Disk Dr. WG50 G2 Disc Waist Protector Medical Retractor Spine Support- Traction Power Improved to more wider air column- Disk Dr. has been ergonomically designed for comfortable long-term treatment and wearing experience. - More than 70% of actual users wear Disk Dr. for 6~12 hours a day. - The user can adjust the wearing time and air pressur..


NeuroTrac Sports XL Electronic Muscle Stimulator


The NeuroTrac Sports XL is an advanced and modern digital dual channel EMS unit with support for 4 lead wires and 8 electrodes.This enables you to treat up to four areas simultaneously.The NeuroTrac Sports XL is a professional unit that has a wide variety of functions including muscle building, toning, rehabilitation and cellulite reduction.It feat..


Neurotrac Lead Wire, Per Piece


Dual conductor lead wire for TENS, NMS (STIM), EMG Biofeedbackcable length: 1.25 mmInner wire – copperOuter jacket and plugs – PVCLatex freeVERLW103Neurotrac Lead Wire, Per PieceS$22.00..


Elastoplast Sport - Premium Sports Tape, Rigid Tape (per roll)


Elastoplast Sport - Premium Sports Tape- High-quality tan coloured rayon cloth for maximum support- Extra strong porous zinc oxide adhesive ensures the tape will remain in place during vigorous activities- Air permeability allows for evaporation of sweat, maintaining strength and stability- Pinked edges provide quicker tape application and eli..


Sombra Warm Therapy Pump 32 oz


Natural, fast-acting, pain-relieving gel. Sombra Gel contains unique botanical extracts blended with natural active ingredients for safe, effective pain relief. Enriched with menthol, camphor, capsaicin and aloe vera extract. Ideal for temporary relief of pain associated with headaches, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. Alcohol-free, non-gre..


Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee Cold Therapy System


Aircast® Cryo/Cuff™, KneeCold therapy with the AirCast CryoCuff combines compression and cold: compression minimizes swelling, while cold minimizes pain. Unit consists of water cooler and Cuffs made for specific body parts. Cooler holds enough ice and water for 8 hours of cryotherapy. Compression is gravity controlled. Cuffs are made of nylon and v..


Neck Pro Overdoor Cervical Traction Device


Neck Pro™ Overdoor Traction Device  NeckPro™ cervical traction device is easy-to-use at home, to significantly reduce neck pain. Unlike other cervical traction devices, which may rely on water-bags or heavy weights to create the therapeutic tension, NeckPro™ relies on a simple cord device. With every pull and click of the cord, the tens..


Hot Water Bottle / Bag


Hot Water Bottle / Hot Water BagHospital grade rubber hot water bottle with screw stopper, 2 liters water capacityHot water bottle can be used alone as a remedy for aches, pains and sports injuries. A hot water bottle is a time-honored method of treating sore muscles, stress or cramps, arthritis, aches and pains, stiff necks, lower back pain, menst..


Physicool Coolant OR Cooling Bandage (Small 10cm x 2m) - Wrists, Ankles, Elbow


1) Physicool Coolant 500ml BottleOur coolant spray allows you to recharge your Physicool bandage. The coolant can be sprayed directly onto the bandage, or onto the rolled up bandage when it is stored in the foil pack. After spraying onto the bandage allow the coolant to fully absorb. A 500ml bottle will fully recharge a size A bandage seven times a..


NeuroTrac Rehab ECS305A


Dual channel TENS and remote hand controlled STIM unitConditions for remote STIM:Foot Drop, Sports Injuries, Increases muscle strengthStroke, Prevents disuse atrophy,Incontinence, Edema.16 Pre-set programmes for ease of use 2 Customisable TENS and 1 Customizable remote STIM programme. Lock mode function for measuring home compliance (mA a..


Flexi-PAC Hot and Cold Compress Gel Pack


Flexi-PAC™ Hot and Cold CompressFlexi-PAC™ hot and cold compress can be microwaved to provide soothing heat or chilled in freezer to provide penetrating cold therapy. The Flexi-PAC™ is a non-toxic flexible gel pack that conforms to your body.004020Flexi-PAC™ Hot and Cold Compress - 5" x 10"S$13.50004029Flexi-PAC™ Hot and Cold Compress - 8" x 1..


Premax Classic Massage Lotion (1000ml)


Premax Lotion combines skin healthy ingredients such as shea butter and sweet almond oil to create a smooth, silky and unscented massage lotion. Premax Lotion is the lightest of the Premax range with more glide and effortless workability. It comes in an economical 1L pump bottle.One of our best sellers.Ingredients:Aqua (Purified Water), Prunus Amyg..


NeuroTrac Digital TENS Machine


NeuroTrac TENS The NeuroTrac TENS machine is an advanced digital dual channel TENS unit suitable for all types of pain relief. The NeuroTrac TENS has 12 pre-set programmes and 2 customisable programmes. It features 3 different treatment modes (conventional TENS or normal mode, burst mode and modulation mode). All these features help to provide the ..


Leukoplast Elastic Tape


Leukoplast Elastic TapeLeukoplast® Elastic is a zinc oxide tape for securing dressings. Ideal for use on injured joints or digits, it is highly flexible and conforms well to body movement. Leukoplast® Elastic can be used for sporting applications such as nail taping or finger splinting and the strong adhesive provides long-lasting we..


Michaels Medirub Pain Relief Medicated Rub 100g


Michaels MedirubMichael’s Medi Rub is a warming, therapeutic massage ointment for temporary relief from joint and muscle pain and inflammation associated with neck, back and shoulder pain, sporting injuries, arthritis pain, muscle cramp, sprains and tendonitis. Michael’s Medi Rub is pharmacist formulated and used by physiotherapists, massage therap..

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