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USANA's Proflavanol® supplement supplies powerful bioflavonoids from exceptional quality grape-seed extract, which is clinically proven to sustain sound cardiovascular health. It also matinains a balanced immune function and healthy, younger looking skin.* It also combines the antioxidant properties of a highly bioavailable vitamin C.

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The grape, specifically extract from the grape’s seed, is super helpful when it comes to your health. That’s because grape-seed extract contains bioflavonoids, a big word for a tiny nutrient attributed to influencing cellular cycles. Bioflavonoids are credited with prohibiting cell proliferation and even producing detoxifying enzymes. And bioflavonoids called proanthocyanidins support sound cardiovascular function as well as help circulation. Better circulation is important because it helps support skin by reducing the breakdown of elastin. Bioflavonoids also enhance the work of antioxidants, namely vitamins C and E. USANA’s powerful bioflavonoid supplement also combines the highest quality grape-seed extract with vitamin C (as Poly C®) for additional antioxidant protection.  So you’re thinking, if grapes are so good for you, why not just drink grape juice or wine? It’s simple: by taking Proflavanol, you get a concentrated dose of bioflavonoids without the sugar, calories, and alcohol. Proflavanol makes it easy to benefit from grapes!

Health Basics
•Clinically proven to promote sound cardiovascular health
•Helps support balanced immune function
•Supports eye health
•Essential for maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin

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USANA Proflavanol®

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