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  • AMSPORTZ Premium Rigid Sports Tape

AMSPORTZ Premium Rigid Sports Tape

AMSPORTZ Premium Rigid Sports Tape is skin colored, body temperature responsive, super-rigid and super-adhesive. Recommended for knee, shoulder, ankle, finger and wrist taping. It is also particularly effective for supporting joints under maximum stress and in the treatment of patellofemoral pain (knee pain) protocol developed by Jenny McConnell, PT, M.Biomed. Eng., GDMT.

AMSportz Tape is constructed using Rayon fabric to prevent excessive joint motion that may cause injury.
The adhesive is specially designed to minimize skin irritations and will adhere to any body surface.
The serrated edges allow easy tearing by hand.


Available in 1 inch and 1.5 inches


AMSPORTZ Premium Rigid Sports Tape

38mm x 13.7m, Flesh


AMSPORTZ Premium Rigid Sports Tape

 25mm x 13.7m, Flesh

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AMSPORTZ Premium Rigid Sports Tape

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