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Innovative memory is ideal for repetitive stretching exercises.
Elastic-Putty® has built-in progressive resistance—the more you stretch it, the more it resists! Ideal for progressive finger, wrist and forearm strengthening. Unique memory system helps retain shape, reducing the time spent reshaping. Activate its memory by quickly stretching two to three times. Resilient and elastic; resists breaking. Use for exercising shoulder muscles as well as for finger and thumb flexion, extension or abduction exercises.

Color-coded putty provides a quantitative tool for evaluating and charting progress, making it easy for therapists to make exercise recommendations. The color coding also motivates the client to advance to the next resistance level. Elastic-Putty® is packaged by volume in cubic centimeters. Available in three varieties: Low Resistance Orange, Medium Resistance Red and High Resistance Pink.

U.S. Patent 5,319,021.


Elastic-Putty, Low Orange, 90 cc



Elastic-Putty, Medium Red, 90 cc



Elastic-Putty, High Hot-Pink, 90 cc


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Elastic-Putty® (Hand Exercise Putty)

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