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  • Premax Arnica Massage Cream

Premax Arnica Massage Cream (400g Tub)

Moderate Resistance- With shea and cocoa butters, and a slightly higher proportion of essential oils these products provide a medium glide with excellent control, perfect for most massage techniques.

Premax Arnica combines arnica, ginger, olive oil, beeswax, aloe, Vitamin E, shea butter and cocoa butter. Premax Arnica is an unscented soothing massage cream perfect for sensitive aread. It comes in a 400g screw top jar.

Specially formulated for skilled soft tissue therapists- Premax products are formulated to aid soft tissue therapists in performing skilled techniques.

Quality ingredients - Only quality raw ingredients are used to manufacture Premax products.

Long lasting - Premax products last longer than other creams and you will not need to re-apply like ordinary creams.

Wipes off easily - Premax products wipe off easily, with no residue or greasiness remaining on the skin. Patients will feel fresh and clean and will be able to comfortably resume what they were doing without first having to shower.

Sothes and moisturises- Premax products leave both the patients' and therapists' skin feeling soft and mosturised.


Premax Arnica Massage Cream -- 400g Tub


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Premax Arnica Massage Cream

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